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Mini Z Dent Machine

Dear Valued Customers, 

We are now accepting orders for our NEW Mini Z Dent Machine (part #Z60M) at an introductory price of $399.50.  This mini version of our Z60 Dent Machine is more compact for easy storage, maneuverability and transport ability.  When needed, just pull it off the wall and attach it to your L41 Vise for quick and easy access.  It is designed for mostly bell work but can be used with most of the Z60 accessories except the Z60-50 Finger Tool.  The Mini Z Dent Machine does not come with predetermined Z60 accessories, allowing you to customize based on your specific repair needs.  It is a great addition to all shops, including ones that already have the Z60, as you can use it for quick and easy repairs without disrupting the repairs being done on the regular dent machine.  Please contact our repair techs if you have specific questions regarding the Z60M Mini Z.

Thank you,
Ferree’s Tools

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       To provide for the modern band instrument Repairman, the most economical, high quality, up to date and easy to use tools available today. Ferree's has always based the designs of the tools on “Simplicity, Accuracy and Efficiency” while focused on “Quality, Economy and Customer Service”.

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