E100 Flute Key Arm Bending Set

Complete with 10-pad cup dies, 2-formed drivers, 1-brass jaw with one Polytetraflourethylene (PTFE) face and 1-2” X 2” patch of PTFE to make small cushion pads for the drivers.
Now you can bend or re-bend keys to give the proper attack angle to a tone hole WITHOUT distorting the pad cup in the process. By using this key arm bending set, you can “dial in” the proper angle for the pad to be perfectly level with the tone hole without using a big stack of washers or making the pad too high out of the cup than the rest on the pads on the instrument. This tool set works with either Plateau or French model instruments. It doesn’t take much power to do. Use just a slight tap with a rawhide mallet to ‘tunk’ the arm, using the supplied driver.
With this complete set of dies, 15.5mm thru 20mm, you can, at last, correct factory or previous repair miscues by setting the pad projection to your standard and have the pad hit the tone hole in level fashion. Especially handy for installing some of those “special pad and base washer combo’s” that some people are experimenting with now.
The two special drivers, (one-blunt chisel for forged keys and the other a split fork for the French style sculpted keys) fit the pad cup key arm profiles. The special made brass jaw is coated on one side with a PTFE pad so that the pad cup doesn’t get scratched. The PTFE patch is provided so that you may cut small cushions for the drivers to give some help in protecting sterling keys or brand new plated ones.

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