Pivot Screw Assortments & Miscellaneous Woodwind Screws

Listed below are the screws and parts we have available.

Pivot Screw Assortments

C30 Clarinet, 100 Assorted
C31 Saxophone, 100 Assorted
C32 Flute, 100 Assorted
C35 All Instruments, 100 Assorted


C41 Pivot Screw 7.3mm (1-72 Thread)
C44 Pivot Screw 8.1mm (1-72 Thread)
C20SA1 Blessing Sax Pivot Screw  (3.5mm Thread)
C46 French Clarinet Flat Spring Screw (1.35mm Thread)
C49 Sax Flat Spring Screw    (0-80 Thread)
C48 Pivot Set Screw, Conn Clarinet /Flute  (0-80 Thread)
C50 Thumb Rest Screw (#0 wood screw) 0.73-.6mm
C51 Thumb Rest Screw, (Over Size #0 wood screw), Nickel Silver
C50T Wood Screw Tap (0.73-.6mm Thread)

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