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The Selmer Co., Inc.

G. Leblanc Corporation

    Schools of Repair - North America

    West Iowa Tech (WIT) - located in Sioux City, Iowa

    Southeast Technical College - located in eastern Minnesota at Red Wing

    Renton Technical College - located in western Washington state at Renton

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    Bellflower Music Center

    • Sales- We offer a large variety of new and used instruments along with the accessories you need to preform your best.

    • Rentals- We offer a wide variety of top-notch services. Just give us a call or stop by and we'll take care of you.

    • Repairs- We rent out nearly any instrument you or your student might be interested in trying.

    • Lessons- We have many professional instructors on staff top help all students, from beginner to advances, grow their musical talent.


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    Our 33rd Anniversary Year. Often, the first thing people say to us is "My flute teacher told me to call you." Teachers know we'll take the time to answer your questions and give you complete information about the differences between flutes -- whether it's a professional or student instrument, or repair. For 33 years, Cincinnati Fluteworks has been guiding flutists through what can be the confusing road of selecting a new instrument. Through seminars, informative publications about the flute and its upkeep, and "general flute education", our focus has always been to help you know more about your instrument, how to take care of it, and pick the right instrument that fits you. To make it easy for moms and dads, we're focusing on getting the most for your money. We've hand-picked the best quality for the money deals we know, from beginner to top-of-the-line pro models. Look for our great specials! Remember, we carry all the major brands of student and professional flutes.

    Windcraft Ltd. - United Kingdom

    Search Music Network - Music Directory

    Repair Associations

    NAPBIRT (National Association of Band Instrument Repair Technicians) U.S.A.

    NAMIR (National Association of Musical Instrument Repairers) United Kingdom