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L64 Blazer Tilt Head Lab Gas Burner

With Electronic Instant Ignition System this self-igniting torch gives you a Hands Free flame in one second at the push of a button with NO Batteries Needed.

(Not in Catalog and Will Be Discontinued when Sold Out)

JUST  $59.70

Closeout Sale on all

B64 and B66 De’jur Deluxe Sax Pads 

    We will be discontinuing the B64’s and B66’s after they are gone.  We have marked these pads down 50% off retail price, which makes this a really great deal.  We apologize but all B64 or B66 sets and assortments are no longer available.


    These beautiful, perfectly pneumatic skin pads have a very fine texture unlike most pads.  The B64 is a standard thin .160” (4mm) pad.  These pads can come with a pre-punched center hole, a rivet, a plastic resonator, or a domed metal resonator.  As per your request.  Available in METRIC sizes only, from 7mm to 70mm by half sizes.  Resonators and Rivets are available for sizes 16 and above.

The B64 De’Jur pads are standard thin .160” (4mm) thick.  Holes start at size 16.


    This line of pads is similar to the B64 De’Jur a thicker .185” (4.7mm) pad.  These pads can come with a pre-punched center hole, a rivet, a plastic resonator, or a domed metal resonator.  By request.  Available in METRIC sizes only from 7mm thru 70mm by half sizes.  Resonators and Rivets are available for sizes 16 and above.

The B66 De’Jur pads are standard medium .185” (4.7mm) thick. Holes start at size 16.

Here’s a great opportunity to save money on some Clarinet Parts.

These Armstrong Clarinet Bells listed where accumulated from different locations and suppliers. We have a limited quantity of the surplus items and are made available to you for a fraction of the retail price. The items are in fair to new condition and ARE SOLD AS IS AND WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.




Close Out on Ebony finish U.A.M. Conical Resonators (Black)
Stock Up Now! 1/2 price until gone

     These BB56R Ultimate Airflow Management resonators, are the exact clone of our popular B56R cone resonators.  We use the B56R resonators on all of the B56 (.185") and B62 (.160") pads; except these are a polished ebony finish, instead of brown.  I don't think the air can tell the color difference. So, the sound will be the same.

   Originally made for the W.T. Armstrong Company, on the Armstrong 3000 series saxophones (later known as Conn and King) and H. Couf Royalist II /Keilwerth/Heritage Saxes; these will work with any thickness saxophone pad!  Use these polished ebony resonators to enhance performance, mark your work on custom resonator sizing jobs or to just save yourself some money!

    These resonators, and the pads made with them, have been popular sellers over the last 30 years or so.  In fact, we introduced these resonators on the thinner version pad as the B62.  The newer designed Asian Saxophones (Yamaha, Jupiter, Unison, Cannonball and new ones yet to come), have thinner pad cups to keep the key and pad cup "Geometry" correct.  These same, thinner pads (B62) will fit the older Conn Constellation and classic "The Martin" Committee Model Saxes, as well.  These resonators are available in all the Selmer gauged sizes. 

Their measurements are:

#1 = .312" (7.9mm)
#2 = .445" (11.3mm)
#3 = .570" (14.5mm)
#4 = .700" (17.8mm)
#5 =   .820" (20.8mm)
#7 =   .950" (24.1mm)
#8 = 1.075" (27.3mm)
#10 = 1.200" (30.5mm)
#11 = 1.325" (33.7mm)

PRICES: BB56R, Armstrong Black Cone (NOT B56R)

Sizes:                   Sale/dz           Sale/100
1, 2, 3, 4 and 5     $1.90               $14.25
7, 8, 10 and 11     $2.10               $15.00

For directions on installing oversize resonators, > Click HERE